The C6 series is the largest of the small bench lathes produced by SIEG. Not small by any means this machine has a 250mm swing and the 550 model weighs in at a hefty 145kg. Micro-Tech imports only the C6B model which is variable speed provided by a dc motor rated at 550 watts. We believe in leading technology and the motor and control system of this lathe represent that.

The lathe comes in two models, the C6B/400 and the C6B/550, being 400mm and 500mm between centres respectively. Self-act provided on longitudinal axis.

The lathe is supplied fully equiped with 3 and 4 jaw chucks, faceplate, dead centres, fixed and travelling steadies , QCTP, and threading gear set. The standard toolkit provides the basic tools required to service the lathe.

Specifications of the C6B are:

Swing over bed250mm
Centre distances400mm (model 400)
 500mm (model550)
Spindle taperMT3
Spindle speedVariable from 75 to 2000rpm approx.
Spindle hole20mm

Tailstock taperMT2

Thread rangeMetric 0.4mm to 3mm pitch (12 pitches)
 Imperial 10-44TPI (8 pitches)

VoltageSingle phase 230v ac
Motor powerDC motor, 550 watt (0.737hp)

Weight125kg (model 400)
 145kg (model 550)

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