This is the latest incarnation of the SIEG X3 mill. The DC motor has been removed from its place on the side of the machine and a 1000watt brushless DC motor now installed inside the head.

The 2 speed gearbox of the X3 has gone with some reduction of weight. Maximum speed of the new machine is 1750 rpm against 2000 rpm of the older X3. The speed is setup by push button with up and down controls and the old potentiometer style speed control of the X3 has gone. The head assy can now rotate to 90 degrees horizontally, and a tachometer has been installed which will help the operator to calculate SFM. A digital height gauge has also been incorporated to setup cutting depth. A most important feature is the inclusion of fine feed for the quill, allowing the head assy to be locked to the column and fine cuts made by using this feature. There are controls to allow the use of the machine for tapping. A standard set of tools, including drawbar and drill chuck are included with this machine at purchase. Ask about additional options such as the X travel auto-feeder.

A closer look at this machine.

Specifications for this mill are:

Drilling capacity25mm
Tapping capacity12mm
End mill capacity25mm
Face mill capacity50mm
Spindle stroke80mm
Max distance, spindle to table300mm

Spindle taperMT3 or R8
Spindle speedfrom less than
 100 rpm to 1750rpm

Table effective size550x160mm
Table cross travel (Y)160mm
Table longitudinal travel (X)300mm
T slot size12mm

Voltage230v ac
Motor power1kw (1.3hp)

Net weight165kg

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